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Loving the Living God

Through the Fires of Change

A deep dive into the science and mechanics of Spiritual Sovereignty:

  •  Learn what your true RIGHTS are according to Natural Law – in order to stand in your Sovereignty in all matters, how to recognize subtle & overt forms of pervasive mind control, how it is being used against the masses, and how to decode many of the ancient symbols being used to keep humanity ignorant, confused and disconnected.
  • Learn to consciously participate with your energetic Light Body (your spiritual anatomy), protecting yourself, your loved ones, and the space around you by building your personal practice of energetic hygiene in alignment with Universal Law.
  • Learn how these two primary themes are connected and how this knowledge can support you and your family’s lives through these challenging times.
Additional Information:
 This workshop is participatory. Our time together will include a 15-minute break during which some light snacks will be provided.


Please bring writing materials and your own drinking water. Arrive well-fed and in comfortable clothing. There will be ample seating but please bring cushion/s for yourself if it benefits you. The idea is that you are as comfortable as possible as we work.


Please arrive on time. Your presence is important for the opening circle and doors will close once we begin.


The address for our gathering is given upon registration; it is centrally located and there is ample parking.


Bryce Ellory

My work with you is devoted to your highest evolution and consecrated in Service to the One Source Light. I am dedicated solely to Cosmic Sovereign Intelligence and the Law of One Teachings which anchor the Natural Laws of God, Unity Consciousness, and the Law of Love.  
I am an energetic intuitive, empath and natural grid worker with life long training in metaphysics, ancient spiritual technologies, earth centered traditions, wilderness rites of passage, botanical medicine, somatic therapies, detoxification, and human biosystems. I serve as a listener and midwife for Great Spirit to assist clarity, connection, and greater embodiment. Our work together is protected in its consecration with your permission, and supported by higher dimensional guides. You are an active participant in your process. The healing is between you and your Highest Source.

Healing Services

Empowerment Tools for Deepening Spirituality and Supporting Your Transformation

Are you longing to live freely in a world where respect for life is inherent in the way we treat each other? I am a lifelong experiencer of metaphysical, mystical, and multi-dimensional phenomena. I carry a fierce and gritty commitment to truth-seeking and a passion for bringing honor back into the way our societies function.  My mission is to leave this world more harmonious and beautiful than I found it by serving others with truth and compassion through the wisdom of the heart.


"Studying natural and common law with Bryce has been an amazing eye-opener. The knowledge I gained changed my life by empowering me with an understanding of my personal rights and strength, always from a higher spiritual perspective. Time spent with Bryce has blessed me with increased expansiveness, clarity, and freedom to create my best life."
Sara Patton
"Bryce wove us into a beautiful circle with her feminine words of wisdom and creative inspiration. And shared with us the steps in the technique in detail. We each picked out the plants we wanted to work with. Bryce was such a delight to work with. Her presence, guidance and enthusiasm kept the energy high and flowing. It seemed like such a magical, alchemical process."
"I attended Bryce’s training on Notices and Affidavits…. and shared it with a well known organization on Maui. With Bryce’s input and professional coaching, this organization stopped what they were doing (illegal mandates), and became open and accepting of a healthier way for all of us to get along. Thank you Bryce. You’ve helped our community become a better place to live and work."
Name Withheld
"Bryce is an amazing teacher and leader, I attended many of her classes educating us on our God given freedoms and rights. She is patient, clear and diplomatic. Her heart is in the right place. Her genuine interest is to educate and empower each of us to stand in our power."
Michele Bats
Sovereignty: living your sacred covenant


woman in red hooded cape overlooking a canyon

“Spirituality is the fresh spring water of God’s love for all of creation, which arises naturally near the top of the mountain, and under God’s wonderful gift of gravity, trickles down the mountainside and sustains and refreshes and strengthens everything it touches. Now religion, that’s something else entirely; that’s the well-intentioned man-made plumbing which tries to make the water go uphill where it shouldn’t go and we usually whistle it past your ass without the benefit of the tap. And being man-made, of course, it always pollutes the water. If you have any doubts, go back to the spring.”

~Ed Dahling

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