Bryce Ellory

My work with you is devoted to your highest evolution and consecrated in Service to the One Source Light. I am dedicated solely to Cosmic Sovereign Intelligence and the Law of One Teachings which anchor the Natural Laws of God, Unity Consciousness, and the Law of Love.  


I am an energetic intuitive, empath, and natural grid worker with lifelong training in metaphysics, ancient spiritual technologies, earth-centered traditions, wilderness rites of passage, botanical medicine, somatic therapies, detoxification, and human biosystems. I serve as a listener and midwife for Great Spirit to assist clarity, connection, and greater embodiment. 


Our work together is protected in its consecration with your permission and supported by higher dimensional guides. You are an active participant in your process. The healing is between you and your Highest Source. It will be my honor to support your transformation…

Moving beyond the confines of systems designed to define and confine who and what we are, moving toward limitless possibility where real healing begins.

Where we are meant to be, we meet ourselves in the power of the Great Mystery, in the Great Beauty of all that is...

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