“The circle is called to guide the children to the dreamtime and to honor the Elders and Ancestors by retelling how they lived and died.  The circle is a way in which community is made and remade and through which investments of initiatory knowledge are shared for strengthening social agreements and engagements.  Each person is considered the beginning and ends of the circle and holds the task of asking for the highest truth for the wellbeing of the community.  The Sacred Center is home, the place of belonging for Spirit.”

~Orland Bishop, Legacy Holder and Teacher of African Gnosis

From the heart of council shines timeless wisdom emanating through each voice, each theme, each perspective, carrying potential to catalyze transformation, mend the weave, and call the community back in wholeness…through a different way of listening and responding.

Drawing from indigenous wisdom traditions, council provides an opportunity to explore, build, and heal relationships with ourselves, each other, and the community. It offers remedy to resolve ideological and relational differences where other modalities fall short, opens untapped creative pathways, and sheds light on entropic patterns which inevitably lead to breakdown.

The Intention

The intention of the council is to provide an emotionally safe and confidential space to authentically uncover what is most vitally alive as we are learning what these tumultuous times are revealing & asking of us. I offer a supportive, neutral container for listening and sharing deeply in an honest, compassionate environment, and facilitate peacemaking practices as needed. Council itself is a form of peacemaking.

This is an inclusive and privately held format where no topic is untouchable. It is an opportunity to present ourselves in truth, witness and be witnessed, inspired, and nourished by relevant inquiry and insight spoken through our personal & collective soul. 

  • Here we explore the potent themes of our changing lives in our uncertain and challenging world
  • Here meaningful stories are shared and held with integrity and honor
  • Here, amidst richly layered communication, there is no debate and no arguing, no advice given unless asked for, no hierarchy
  • Here we recognize how sharing personal insight is a vital component of the health of our collective whole
  • Here soulful expression meets deep witnessing & lends itself to the miraculous

A council is called whenever there is need; whenever a gathering of the people becomes necessary:

  • To give voice and witness to what is present, but often unspoken-yet affecting you, your relationships, and the group as a whole
  • To speak honestly in new and vulnerable ways 
  • Create greater coherence within yourself in how you participate in group efforts
  • Deepen communication amidst diverse group dynamics
  • Gain a broader understanding of global themes
  • Remediate inter-relational challenges amongst members affecting the whole; mend and /or deepen relationships toward group coherence
  • Bring transparency, ease, and greater understanding into otherwise awkward or uncomfortable themes
  • Discuss/resolve divergent community needs, re-establish clarity, focus, direction 
  • Make alliances, re-affirm agreements/contracts with clarity
  • Dissolve group agreements peaceably; redirect group intention
  • Hone clarity of personal and group purpose
  • Prepare you, a loved one, and the community at large for a rite of passage (marking a time of transformation)

I dedicate this ongoing council as a continued blessing for the children of our Earth, to the sacred heart of innocence in each of them, and each one of us.

FREEDOM COUNCIL 2020-  Tuesday mornings at 10 AM HST on Zoom (temporarily on pause).  The theme changes weekly.

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