Our senses are doorways to vitality, and gatekeepers for spiritual expansion!  Deep dive into each of the senses, sharpening them as the guiding, protecting, connective instruments they are meant to be. 

Guided walks and meditations strengthen sensory intelligence and communication with subtle realms.  This is a fun process of discovery/deepening in how to energetically connect more coherently with our natural surroundings, both seen and unseen. Through this we learn how cultivating sensory acuity strengthens every aspect of life, living, and the creative process in relationship with all that is!  

 Expect to be inspired and enlivened in unexpected ways only the power of Nature can provide….

Group excursions: 3 hours, 3 person minimum. $30/person  Are you interested in a “sensory dive” for your group?

 Inquire here to schedule your group outing.

Private Solo Outings ($75) are available for women only. Schedule your 2 hr private session using the calendar below. Private Outings provide the opportunity to focus on how this work can strengthen your capacity for personal intimacy as an integral part of your natural healing and embodiment. Please inquire about Kama’aina rates.

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