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Elemental expression on textile 100% Natural color!

DUST is intended to delight and inspire all of us toward living more harmoniously within nature’s bounty. My crafting is an homage to our resplendent Earth and her magnificence. I draw on the radiant, wild intelligence of natural color, shape, tone, texture and light within the plants, water, fire, soil and sky to bring forth these one-of-a-kind pieces.


All of my prints are created with pure, harvested rainwater or seawater, through the alchemy of nature’s elements and organic materials I ethically wild harvest myself in the wilds of the forests and open spaces I frequent. All materials I use are 100% natural, nontoxic and are eventually returned to the landscape for composting and renewal. I utilize permaculture ethics and best practices while sourcing, creating, and reincorporating all materials so that very few resources are used and nothing is wasted. I use no plastics in my work.


They are offerings to you from The Living Forest and carry forth the vibration of the landscapes from which they originate. May they bring you their healing medicine and beauty for years to come!



Sending the warm Aloha spirit from the islands to you!


Plants are some of our wisest elders and most benevolent ancestors. For billions years they’ve taken in the sun, rain, moon, soil  microbes, resonance and consciousness movement of the cosmos, to then spread their life giving intelligence across the earth laying a carpet of diversity for other life forms to evolve and thrive synergistically- always giving so abundantly. This level of vibrancy and richness is what many of our plant relatives give when we learn how to coax their energetic signatures of light language forth.

One phenomenon of natural color is its ability to shift and change in varying light and surroundings, sometimes radically so. Just as light and shadow capture and highlight variations of color in the natural landscape, so too does this happen with naturally dyed eco-printed fabric,  It is why I call it “living color. To wear a naturally dyed garment is to wear an extension of the landscape, with integrity intact, senses turned on, a heart filled with delight, and with the arrow pointed toward a brighter future. 
These are one-of-a-kind botanically printed textiles created for the sustainably minded and wild @ heart-hand made on Maui with 100% natural plant dyes, Hawaiian Native plants wild foraged with sacred protocol & combined with sweet water, minerals, and Aloha. I use no plastics in my work.

Vickie W.

Lokahi Lomilomi

"Designed and produced in gratitude to the land and Creator, each piece has its own power of this connection. She is a soft, conscious teacher… allowing spirit to move within her students to create each personalized piece as their own connection to the land. Guided and cared for by her hand and voice, I was able to bring Lokahi into my own special piece that I will cherish forever!"

Learn Eco-Printing

Blooming Into Joy 1:1 Mentorship $300 (6hrs)

This is a one day deep immersion into the joy, art & mechanics of Eco Printing. I meet you where you are in your abilities. Our day may include plant harvesting, setting intention for your work and dedicating your workspace, mixing “the brew,” mechanics of a clear print, methods for artistic detailing, advanced techniques where applicable, proper disposal of materials, eco printing ethics, etc. I work with your unique interests and level/s and do my very best to take you forward in every way possible in the time we have together. Expect a full day of botanical inspiration, learning and fun!!

Contact me to schedule your day. 


Learn the basics of eco printing, how to prep your fabric, prepare your dye bath, and achieve a clear print on your first try! 
Explore the magical world of eco botanical printing in this fun, hands-on play shop. Learn bundling techniques for imprinting botanical signatures onto fabric using 100% sustainable practices. 


Inquire about the next workshop or to schedule one for your group please use the contact button below.
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eco Printing Basics Online Tutorial

Coming Soon! 


Inquire about the next workshop or to schedule one for your group please use the contact button below. 

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