healing services to support your transformation

Through the wisdom of the heart I offer empowerment tools to help you deepen your connection with Spirit, access your innate gifts, reclaim your sovereignty, and support you in your healing transformation. It is my honor to serve you. 

Neurosomatic Recalibration

Clear and renew your bio-electrical system! $185 (Kama’aina Rates available)

Includes intake,  and laying on of stones as needed.  We focus primarily on the brain and spinal column. This is very gentle, focused work. Allow for 1.5 hrs. This can be a very powerful rewiring; evening sessions are optimal.  We work very slowly and methodically along your brain, central …


Private Counsel

1-2 hrs appointment by phone $150 (Please Inquire for Kama’aina Rates )

In these sessions, we sit in the presence of what is most true for you at that moment, open to whatever wants to unfold to bring insight into what you need, and begin unraveling what no longer serves you. It may include conversation, focused prayer/clearing, meditative guidance, tools for transformation, tools for ….


Transformative Therapeutic Oil Treatment

Release, Re-ground, Recharge!  $100 (Please inquire for Kama’aina Rates)

These sessions are brief but potently catalytic, simultaneously rejuvenating and nourishing. Allow for a 1hr time frame, including intake. Therapeutic grade essential & home infused botanical oils are strategically layered along the spine, feet, head, and relevant pulse points. Each session is tailored specifically for your …


Living Light Prayer

One to One Session, $85 (Please inquire for Kama’aina Rates)

Healing and rehabilitating our multidimensional bodies through the power of transformational, living light prayer and etheric cleansing. Clearing ancestral patterns and emotional density from life’s unresolved stories~ move into greater connection with your truth, your heart, your Source….the most vibrant embodiment of your soul’s unique expression. 



Online Group Meetings via Zoom

“The circle is called to guide the children to the Dreamtime and to honor the Elders and Ancestors by retelling how they lived and died.  The circle is a way in which community is made and remade and through which investments of initiatory knowledge are shared for strengthening social agreements and engagements.  Each person is considered …


Our senses are doorways to vitality, and gatekeepers for spiritual expansion!   Deep dive into each of the senses, sharpening them as the guiding, protecting, connective instruments they are meant to be.  Guided group walks and meditations strengthen sensory intelligence and communication with subtle realms.  This is a fun process of discovery/deepening in how to energetically connect more …

$75 (Please inquire for Kama'aina Rate)

Rites of Passage

Self-Initiation: Where are you in your dream weaving, your sacred mission, making sense of what Life is bringing you now? What is your “Sacred Next?” It is imperative we listen to our own higher guidance amidst the discordant and intrusive chaotic influences of our changing world scape. Solo time in nature brings reprieve, renewal,  clears the chatter, …

Price Varies, Please Inquire

Eco Printing

Blooming into Joy: One to One Mentorship (6 hrs)  This is a one-day deep immersion into the joy, art & mechanics of Eco Printing. I meet you where you are in your abilities. Our day may include plant harvesting, setting an intention for your work and dedicating your workspace, mixing “the brew,” mechanics of a clear print, …

Price Varies

Sacred Healing Journeys

Sacred healing journeys for Women. Transformational week-long excursions to the heart of some of our most Sacred Ancient Power Centers worldwide. See…

Price Varies

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