Evolution in One Drop

Release, Re-ground, Recharge! 

Transformative Therapeutic Oil Treatment: 60-Minutes $100 (Please inquire for Kama’aina rate)

These sessions are brief but potently catalytic, simultaneously rejuvenating and nourishing. Allow for a 1hr time frame, including intake, oiling, and toweling.

Therapeutic-grade essential & home-infused botanical oils are strategically layered along the spine, feet, head, and relevant pulse points. Each session is tailored specifically for your needs and designed to recalibrate your bio-electromagnetic, neuromuscular, and emotional operating systems for optimal wellness, comfort, and free flow of life force!

The nature of this botanical infusion into your biofield offers a mega boost to your immune system. The plants powerfully assist you in the continued clearing, expansion, and integration of your transformational process.

  • Please prepare for the session by wearing no body lotions or fragrances of any kind.
  • Bathing immediately post-treatment is not recommended.

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