Private Counsel

Consultation $150 1-2hrs (Inquire for Kama’aina Rate)

appointment by phone

With focused intention, we work through the lens of embodying Spiritual Sovereignty and greater alignment with Natural Law in all areas of your life, living, and all matters lawful. We work directly with what is asking to be tended, cleared, released, and recalled- and then harvest insight toward activating your next steps toward your needs and goals.

In addition to conversation,  our session may include focused prayer/etheric clearings, meditative guidance, tools for grieving, tools for navigating your own transformative process to continue on your own, and guidance on lawful matters. All as needed, revealed in the living moment.

Our sessions are completely private and confidential. Please email me to inquire about the terms of service.

Packages: Bundle of 3. $265 Consultation sessions over a period of time (weeks/months) to support your personal progress.  Here we are able to track our work together parlayed with your efforts toward your own growth and healing. Send me a message to inquire about signing up for a package.

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