Eco Printed Featherweight Sheer Habotai Silk


Featherweight Sheer Habotai Silk 55×108″ (5mm)

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Hawaiian Native Neneleau leaf/ Milo flower print
Featherweight Sheer Habotai Silk 55×108″ (5mm)
One of a Kind Botanically printed textiles created for the Sustainably Minded and Wild @ Heart- Hand made on Maui with 100% Natural Plant Dyes, Hawaiian Native plants, sweet water, minerals and prayer. Wild foraged with sacred protocol & handmade on Maui
Plants are some of our wisest elders and most benevolent ancestors. For billions years they’ve taken in the sun, rain, soil  microbes, resonance, and consciousness movement of the cosmos, to then spread their life giving intelligence across the earth laying a carpet of diversity for other life forms to evolve and thrive synergistically- always giving so abundantly.
Earth Hues, Living Color, the Eros of the wind, ✨sound✨👉🏽 ✨vibration✨👉🏽 ✨light✨👉🏽✨color✨👉🏽✨form✨👉🏽….beauty.
Sensual and alive.
One more way for us to feed our vital connections, invoke the power of the sacred sensual, drawing close the intelligent powers and healing ways of our plant relatives…. to wear your medicine, everyday!
Elemental expressions on textiles 100% Natural color! This level of vibrancy and richness is what many of our plant relatives give when we learn how to coax their inherent transmissions of light language: Sound, Vibration, Light, Color, Form- soil, moon and star, with water leading the way.


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