Prest CBD

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Full Spectrum USDA ORGANIC CBD Hemp Oil: 100% Cold-Press Extraction

It’s a CBD oil that I began taking for pain remediation-  and it works WONDERS. Like nothing I expected.

In early 2022 I was involved in a major auto accident and incurred multiple injuries and brain trauma. As a result, I suffered through intensive pain cycles where the pain level was so acute and unforgiving, it rendered me non-functional for many months. As a naturalist committed to healing holistically, I wasn’t willing to give in to pharmaceutical painkillers. Through awareness practices, I achieved much psychological relief but needed some kind of pain relief that would allow my body to feel relief.  My chiropractor had PREST on her shelf and recommended it. I have long recognized its extensive healing capabilities, but this plant has never been a go-to medicine for me. I decided to try it, and within minutes it changed my reality- the pain relief was almost immediate and remained reliable. It did wonders for healing my TBI (mild brain trauma) and the general shock and trauma from that event. I have used it internally and topically as needed, with equal success. In the course of my healing, I tried other CBDs, but nothing has come close to PREST; not even close. It has worked almost miraculously for me! -with zero psychotropic or negative effects in my system, so I completely get behind it. I hope it helps you in a similar way if you feel called to try it.
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