Rites of Passage

Where are you in your dream weaving, your sacred mission, making sense of what Life is bringing you now? What is your “Sacred Next?”

Self Inititation:
It is increasingly imperative we listen to our own higher guidance amidst the discordant and intrusive influences of our changing world scape. In the cacophony of our current times it can be difficult to hear the inner voice. Deep within the stories of our bodies, in the knowing of our very bones, exists ancient knowledge and ancestral wisdom to be re-awakened and embodied. As an evolving human family sharing a collective past, we each carry historical trauma stored in our cellular memory to be witnessed and released. Solo time in nature inspires that recall toward healing. It brings reprieve, renewal, clears the chatter, and provides for an intimate listening for the soul’s unique pulse, which then opens us to the infinite language of creation.
There is a very natural, innate drive to live the fullness and of our soul’s purpose and the freedom of our heart’s expression; to cultivate deeper meaning in our own lives and bring value to our communities, to recognize ourselves in the great web of life and tend the inner voice of our own becoming.  Rites of passage potentizes new beginnings and endings, catalyzing growth and maturation when approaching important times of change in one’s life journey.
Traditionally a three-four day transformational experience known as vision quest, wilderness rites of passage is a ceremonial form of self-initiation, where we leave behind ongoings of our everyday life and step into timelessness to connect more deeply with Great Spirit – to better understand what Life is asking of us and how to meet that call most authentically. 
I offer a 1 Day immersive experience, with opportunity for longer quests as needed over time.

For your solo day quest, you will be taken through preparation (severance) prior to the scheduled day, you will be asked to hold big questions, perhaps hard questions, cross the threshold to have your solo time on the land, receive mirroring for your sacred stories upon returning, and be supported through incorporation for bringing these new gifts into your life effectively, with conscious intention. We will have one private session post questing day to support your integration and seal your ceremony.


To comprehensively support your journey, I hold certifications in Eco Therapy Wilderness Rites and Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness 8Shields model of Mentoring, yogic and somatic therapies, with decades of “dirt time” experience soloing in the wild and cultivating nature skills. I am a trained wilderness first responder (WFR) through NOLS.


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“Threshold is a place where you move into more critical and challenging and worthy fullness. The given world that we think is there and the solid ground we’re on is so tentative. A threshold is a line, which separates two territories of spirit, and very often, how we cross is the key thing.”
-John O’Donohue


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